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>illiauiaii Club 



J. Castell Hopkins 

With Appointments and Elections 

to the Presidency of Canadian 

Public Bodies in 1907. 

An Appendix 


The Canadian Annual Review 


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Without organized effort, without the turmoil of a national 
V, conflict, without any special stirring of political life or feeling, 
uj the steady growth of Canadian Clubs throughout Canada has, 
^ at the end of 1907, assumed the form and force of a 
3c national movement. These Clubs have no very definite plat- 
g form, no decided purpose of a political kind, no uniform aim 

1 excepting a desire for information. Yet in all the centres of 
Canadian life these simple, unassuming, non-aggressive organiza- 
tions have caused a stirring of the dust-heaps of political thought, 
have aroused the keenest interest in varied questions of moral, 
social, or constitutional evolution, and have created a thirst for 
knowledge of public affairs which can only result— if the move- 
ment continues — in making the Canadian business and profes- 
sional man of the future unusually broad in his views and singu- 
larly well-informed in his facts. 

The initiation of such a movement is naturally a matter of 
importance and of just pride to those who contributed to its incep- 
tion. Until very lately there was no doubt existing as to who 
deserved all the credit in this connection; in 1907 claims were 
made to a share in the honours. To Hamilton, however, belongs 
the unquestioned credit of organizing the first Canadian Club, 
which is still in existence, and to Charles K. jMcCullough the 
J' honour of founding that Club. From Hamilton came the idea 

2 and ideal of a banding together of Canadians for the purpose of 
^ meeting once a month, or oftener, in order to hear addresses from 
'^ prominent men of all countries and of all opinions upon subjects 
jj with which they might l)e specially familiar. From Hamilton 
^ came the personal influences which resulted in Toronto's organiza- 
tion, and from the latter city came thr plan of a one-hour mid-day 
luncheon, hold once a week, which ensured I he success of the 
struggling idea and carried it into accomplisliment and ])opular 
practice. From this basis in Haiiiilton and Toronto the move- 
ment spread in ton years' time to Montreal and Quebec, to Halifax 
and St. .John, to Winnipeg and Brandon, to Regina and Edmonton, 
to Victoria and Vancouver, to far-away Dawson itself. 

So far as this movement was originally a national one in the 
sense of being a faint striving after some form of indefinite 
"nationalism" — as dislinet from Imperial or British unity 
though n<»t neeessarily in antagonism to that princi])le — there had 
been preceding efforts and even contemporary action. The 
National Club in Toronto was formed in 1871 witli Dr. Ooldwin 
Smith as its President, Mr. W. H. Howland as one f.f its founclers 
and the spirit of national independeiiee as a sort of elastic environ- 
ment — which is now oidv a memory. The St. Jean l>ai»tisle Socie- 


ties long had a place in the evolution of sentiment in Quebec. The 
Ligue Rationale Canadienne was a latter-day product of French 
thought and the activities of Mr. Bourassa. The Canadian 
N"ational League in Montreal was organized by Mr. W. D. Light- 
hall in 1893 at the very time the Hamilton Canadian Club was 
being formed and letters describing the objects of each organiza- 
tion actually crossed in the mails. This League had the following 
platform : " To advance and maintain our national unity and 
integrity; to disseminate a spirit of patriotism; to promote an 
interest in citizenship, its duties and rights ; to spread a knowledge 
of Canadian history and resources and other like objects." It 
never had the Luncheon or weekly meeting idea and is not now 
alive in its original form. 

The special claim made to paternity in the Canadian Club 
movement came from Guelph. It was asserted in speeches and 
newspaper correspondence in 1907, and was to the effect that a 
Canadian Club was formed in Guelph in 1888 by Mr. Malcolm 
MacCormack, b.a. ; that it lasted several years ; and that as the 
Hamilton Club was not organized until 1893 the former was 
really the parent organization. A banquet was held in Guelph 
on i)ec. 6th, 1907, to celebrate " the 19th anniversary of the 
original Canadian Club " and amongst the guests were Prof. 
Macgillivray of Kingston and Mr. H. K. Cockin of Guelph, who 
were toasted as Honorary members of the Club in its early his- 
tory. As against this claim was the fact of the Club being, in 
any case, out of existence when the Hamilton organization was 
founded; that Messrs. C. R. McCullough and W. Sanford Evans 
and other well-known pioneers in the Hamilton movement had 
never heard of such a club; that missionary efforts were made 
by the Council of Canadian Clubs in 1899 to organize a club in 
Guelph, and that Mr. Galbraith of the Mercury in that City pro- 
mised his aid to the movement ; that the Society, organized in 
1889, was regarded in local circles as a sort of literary society; 
that a Canadian Club was organized in Guelph on Eeb. 14th, 1907, 
with Mr. G. C. Creelman, President of the Ontario Agricultural 
College, as its President, and without any reference, in the Guelph 
Herald report of the meeting, to the existence of a preceding local 
Club. The claim may, therefore, be considered interesting but 
decidedly vague. 

The Canadian Club in Hamilton was initiated at a meeting in 
the office of Mr. McCullough on Dec. 6th, 1892. Those present were 
the convener and Messrs. James Ferres, John T. Hall, George D. 
Fearman, W. Sanford Evans and Henry Carpenter. It was 
decided to form a society, called the Canadian Club, for the cul- 
tivation of Canadian patriotic sentiment and the study of Cana- 
dian history, literature, art and resources. There were to be no 
party politics in its composition or work and the delivery of 
addresses by representative men was to be a central feature of its 

History and Progress of Cajstadian Club Movement 3 

policy. Provisional organization took place on Feb. 1, 1893, and 
the officers were elected on Feb. 15th. They included Sanford 
Evans as President, James Ferres, Thomas Morris, Jr., and 
George Lynch-Staimton as Vice-Presidents, Stuart Livingston as 
Literary Correspondent, J. H. Land as Treasurer and C. R. 
McCullough as Secretary. Some of the pioneer members of the 
Club were Adam Brown, F. H. Whitton, A. T. Freed, F. R. 
Hutton, Lieut.-Col. J. S. Hendrie, A. H. Heming, Kirwan Mar- 
tin, W. A. Sherwood, Dr. Douglas G. Storms, F. M. Pratt, Senator 
Sanford, the Rev. J. H. Long, Dr. Thos. O'Hagan, J. L. Lewis 
and R. E. Land. The Presidents since organization have been 
as follows : 

1893 W. Sanford Evans, m.a. 

1894 Dr. Douglas G. Storms. 

1895 Charles R. McCullough. 

1896 Stuart Livingston, m.a. 

1896 Rev. J. H. Long, ll.b., m.a. 

1897 Kirwin Martin, m.a. 

1898 Kirwin Martin, m.a. 

1899 F. F. Macpherson, b.a. 

1900 A. E. Manning. 

1901 R. A. Robertson. 

1902 J. S. Gordon, o.s.a. 

1903 D. M. Cameron. 

1904 D. M. Cameron. 

1905 John T. Hall. 

1906 J. H. Smith, p.s.i. 

1907 W. M. McClemont 

From Hamilton in this connection radiated an ever-increasing 
influence. Early members of the Club, such as E. W. B. Morrison, 
moved to Ottawa, and no doubt aided in the formation of the 
Club there. As a matter of fact seven former members of the 
Hamilton organization were included in the charter list of the 
Ottawa society. So with Mr. James Ferres in Montreal, Mr. J. P. 
Casey in St. Catharines, Mr. W. Brooks in Gait, and Mr. Sanford 
Evans in Toronto, and afterwards in Winnipeg. The Hamilton 
Club was incorporated on June 25th, 1894, with the following as 
its announced platform, though the permanent room idea was aban- 
doned after a brief trial : " The purpose of the Club is the encour- 
agement of the stndy of the history, literature, art, music and 
natural resources of Canada, the recognition of native worth and 
talent, the fostering of a patriotic sentiment, and the maint(>n- 
ance of club rooms or permanent headquarters in premises owned 
or leased by the Club." Starting upon a small scale the Club 
soon had 700 members, though those figures are now greatly 
reduced. Renewed activity in 1907, however, added somewhat 
to the Club inombership. Tts earlier speakers included uumy local 
men of high standing, and later on, men of the rank of Sir Oliver 
Mowat, Hall Caine and Sir Gilbert Parker, together with |irom- 
inent French-C^anadians such as R. Lemieux, J. C}. IT. Bcrgf-ron 
and J. Israel Tarte, addres.sed the organization. An exhibition 
of Canadian pictures was held, varif)us e.ssays were read covering 
a wide range of subjects, a steel flagstafT was presented to the 
City and Mr. J. IT. Smith initiated a plan for the flying of flags 
upon th<» .u'hool -houses of Wentworth County. 

Iw ]8i*7 Mr. Sanford Evans came to live in Toronto and at 
-mce (Pfl^P.^voured to organize a Canadian Club in that city. It 


was not an altogether easy task. A national sentiment or ideal 
which conld be at once Canadian and British was not as yet 
understood, and there was a tendenc}^ to look askance at the new 
" nationalism " as being a little dangerous. However, Mr. Evans 
kept at it; some preliminary meetings were held in October and 
November, including a banquet of about a hundred persons, at 
which the speeches did not err on the side of Imperialism; and 
on Nov. 16th an organization meeting resulted in a constitution 
being adopted with the following principles : " It is the purpose 
of the Club to foster patriotism by encouraging the study of the 
institutions, history, arts, literature and resources of Canada and 
by endeavouring to unite Canadians in such work for the welfare 
and progress of the Dominion as may be desirable and expedient." 
Mr. John A. Cooper was elected President, W. Sanford Evans and 
Neil McCrimmon, Vice-Presidents, W. H. Moore, Literary Corre- 
spondent, A. H. Beaton, Secretary, and C. A. B. Brown, Treas- 

The membership included men of all kinds of political and 
public thought and the roll for 1897-8 numbered 55; in 1907 it 
was about 1,200. In 1898 A. E. Huestis became Secretary of 
the Club and remained in that capacity with great success until 
1907, when he was succeeded by J. W. H. Mackie. This Club 
early adopted the principle of a weekly luncheon, addressed by 
some representative Canadian or prominent visitor, for a limited 
period of half-an-hour, and, in 1903-4, commenced to publish its 
Proceedings. The speeches during these years dealt with every 
conceivable variety of subject and personal opinion. Amongst 
the Canadian speakers were such men as the Hon. G. W. Ross, 
the Hon. A. B. Aylesworth, Colonel G. T. Denison, W. F. Mac- 
lean, M.P., Sir Sandford Fleming, Sir T. G. Shaughnessy, the 
Hon. J. Israel Tarte, the Hon. G. E. Foster, the Hon. Clifford 
Sifton, J. S. Ewart, k.c, H. B. Ames, m.p., Dr. Goldwin Smith, 
C. Marcil, m.p., C. M. Hays, Prof. S. B. Leacock, B. E. Walker, 
J. S. Willison, H. Bourassa, im.p., the Hon. H. R. Emmerson, and 
Ralph Smith, m.p. Earl Grey was the guest of a special banquet 
on Nov. 29, 1906. From Great Britain came the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, the Rt. Hon. John Morley, the Rt. Hon. James Bryce, 
Dr. William Osier, H. Rider Haggard, m.p.. General Booth and 
Rudyard Kipling. Some United States speakers were Booker T. 
Washington, President Elliot of Harvard, James H. Eckels and 
Andrew Carnegie. The Presidents of the Club during this period 
were as follows : 

1898-99 W. Sanford Evans. 
1899-90 George Wilkie. 
1900-01 W. E. Rundle. 
1901-02 S. Casey Wood. 
1902-03 D. Bruce Macdonald. 

1904-05 George A. Howell. 
1903-04 W. R. P. Parker. 
1905-06 E. R. Peacock. 
1906-07 Mark H. Irish. 
1907-08 John Turnbull. 


An historical incident was the banquet tendered to Mr. Ayles- 
worth on I^ov. 2, 1903, upon his return from the Alaskan Bound-, 
ary Tribunal. The profound stirring of public opinion in that 
matter found expression in a tenseness of feeling regarding the 
dinner which resulted afterwards in the formation of the Empire 
Club, as a protest against the supposed spirit of the demonstra- 
tion, and in grave fear at the time as to the outcome of the affair. 
In point of fact a huge British flag was prominent, the speech 
was moderate in tone, and the demonstration harmless. Since 
then, neither in Toronto nor elsewhere, has there been any talk 
of the Canadian Club or clubs being likely to foster any senti- 
ment but the best Canadianism, or to become anything but a med- 
ium for informing the people upon a wide range of public 
questions and problems of social development. The influence of 
such organizations as those of Hamilton and Toronto could not 
but grow as the years passed by. A Canadian Club was formed at 
Gait by Messrs. A. K. Goldie and W. Brooks and another at Ottawa 
in 1903, with Lieut.-Col. A. P. Sherwood, c.m.g., as President, 
He was succeeded in 1904-5 by W. L. Mackenzie King, in 1905-6 
by Dr. J. D. Courteney, a former member of the Canadian Club of 
Hamilton, in 1906-7 by Plunket B. Taylor, and in 1907-8 by Ham- 
nett P. Hill. An immense number of prominent men have 
addressed this Club including many of those already mentioned 
and others such as Sir "Wilfrid Laurier, the Earl of Dundonald, 
the Earl of ]\rinto. Sir F. W. Borden, Mr. R. L. Borden, M.r., 
Sir Howard Vincent, Earl Grey, H.S.H. Prince Louis of Batten- 
berg, Dr. W. H. Drummond, Sir Gilbert Parker, Mr. J. H. 
Choate, Sir Richard Cartwright, Sir Frederick Pollock, the Hon. 
Elihu Root and Mr. J. J. Hill. In 1904 Clubs were organized at 
St. Catharines, Winnipeg and Dawson City; in 1905 at Montreal 
and Orillia, Ont. ; in 1906 at Vancouver and Victoria, Edmon- 
ton and Portage la Prairie and at London and Perth in Ontario ; 
in 1907 at Moose Jaw, Brandon, Camrose, Saskatoon, Calgary, 
and Hamiota, in the Western provinces, and at St. John and 
Moncton in IvTew Brunswick; at Halifax in Nova Scotia, and at 
Barrie, Guelph, Colliiigwood, Brantford, Port Arthur, Peter- 
borough, Stratford, St, Thomas and Woodstock in Ontario. 

Of these organizations the Montreal Clul) had A. R. Mc Master 
as its first President and Pierre Benlac in 1900-7. ^Ir. W. T. 
Stead was a prominent speaker during 1907; so were Rudyard 
Kipling, the Bishop of Sligo, and Donald ^facmastcr, k.c. The 
Winnipeg organization has been specially active. Its first Presi- 
dent in 1904-5 was J. S. Ewart, K.r. He was snccoodod by 
J. A. M. Aikins, k.c, in 1905-06, and by G. R. Crowe in 1906-07. 
Mr. Sanford Evans was prominent in the formation and manage- 
ment of this Club and ]\Ir. J. T>. ]\ritflK'll was and is the enthusi- 
astic Secretary. vSpecial action has been taken by protests against 
the too-frequent flying of Fnited States flags in pnblic places and 


in the theatres. Amongst its important addresses were those of 
Mr. J. J. Hill, Mr. F. C. Wade, k.c. (urging a statue upon the 
grave of Wolfe), Hamar Greenwood, m.p., and J. G. Colmer, 
C.M.G., A. J. Dawson, the English journalist, Sir Gilbert Parker, 
Earl Grey, Sir W. Mulock, Sir John Murray and Mr. Kipling. 

The Canadian Club at St. John was formed on Feb. 6, 1907, 
and its most notable speakers were the Governor-General, Hon. 
L. J. Tweedie, Lieut.-Governor, President K. A. Falconer of 
Toronto University, Dr. G. K. PaAin and Professor S. B. Leacock. 
The Halifax Club was formed the day after the one at St. John 
with Lord Grey, Mr. Justice Russell, J. S. Willison, Rev. J. A. 
Macdonald, Professor Leacock, Rev. Dr. Magill, President Fal- 
coner and Hon. G. P. Graham amongst its chief speakers of the 
year. The Club at Vancouver, B.C., was organized on Aug. 22, 
1906, with F. C. Wade, k.c, as President, G. H. Cowan, k.c, as 
Literary Correspondent, and J. N. Ellis as Secretary. Lord Grey's 
address on Sept. 25, 1906, was the most notable event in its his- 
tory. Hon. O. S. Strauss, U. S. Secretary of Commerce and 
Labour, and Mr. Kipling were other speakers. The Club in 
Victoria had as its first President, 1906-1907, Mr. A. W. Mc- 
Curdy, with Frank I. Clarke as Secretary. This organization 
passed a very strong Resolution on Oct. 23rd urging the Provin- 
cial Government to see that the Union Jack was kept floating oyer 
all school-houses and, under the initiative of its Secretary, invita- 
tions were sent to Sir J. A. Swettenham, the retiring Governor of 
Jamaica, to address Canadian Clubs at Calgary, Winnipeg, 
Ottawa, Montreal, St. John and Halifax. In Dawson, Yukon 
Territory, a Club was organized in March, 1904, largely through 
the efforts of Mr. E. S. Busby, Inspector of Customs, who was its 
President for the first two years ; Mr. Charles Macdonald in 1906 ; 
and Dr. A. J. Gillis in 1907. Some of the Canadian Club Presi- 
dents and Secretaries elected in 1907 were as follows. : 

Place. President. 

Guelph G. C. Creelman 

Halifax George S. Campbell 

Winnipeg William Whyte 

Woodstock Malcolm Douglas . , 

Brantford Judge Hardy 

London Dr. J. D. Wilson . . . 

Barrie F. H. Redditt 

Toronto John Turnbull 

Port Arthur Rev. G. C. Walker . 

Stratford Dr. J. D. Monteith. 

Fort William M. B. Dean, m.d. . . 

Moose Jaw W. B. Willoughby . 

Camrose Frank Pike 

Calgary Rev. Dr. A. D. MacRae 

Cornwall J. A. Chisholm 

Hamilton W. M. McClemont . 

St. John W. E. Earle 

Ottawa Hamnett P. Hill. . . 

Vancouver J. J. Banfield 


. . Dr. A. T. Hobbs. 
. . J. A. Chisholm. 
. ..T. B. Mitchell. 
. . Henry N. Orr. 
. . G. H. Muirhead. 
. . S. Frank Glass. 
. . R. L. Barwick. 
. . J. H. W. Mackie. 
. . W. A. Corcoran. 
. . McGregor Easson. 
. . H. C. Houston. 
. . W. G. Cales. 
. . P. L. Farley. 
. . G. B. Edwards. 
. . J. G. Harkness. 
. . J. P. Hennessy. 
. . G. A. Henderson. 
. . Gerald H. Brown. 
. . J. N. Ellis. 

History and Progress of Canadian Club Movement 7 

Place President Secretary 

Collingwood David Williams S. W. Matthews, 

Montreal W. H. D. Miller George Lyman. 

Peterborough F. D. Kerr H. R. H. Kenner. 

Orillia A. B. Thompson T. C. Doidge. 

Perth J. A. Stewart W. P. McEwen. 

Edmonton W. Short, k.c Wilfrid Gariepy. 

Moncton Pulton McDougall R. W. Hewson. 

St. Thomas Rev. J. H. Courtnay J. M. McCutcheon. 

St. Catharines G. B. Burson A. C. Kingstone. 

Brandon A. T. Rose J. A. Little. 

Saskatoon J. A. Aiken J. D. Gunn. 

Dawson Dr. A. J. Gillis J. T. Ross. 

Hamiota W. B. McLean John Lemon. 

Victoria A. W. McCurdy Frank I. Clarke. 

Women's Canadian Club, 

Montreal Lady Drummond Mrs. R. Wilson Reford. 

Women's Canadian Club, 

Winnipeg Mrs. W. Sanford Evans. . . Mrs. W. F. Osborne. 

The progress of the movement in its wide-spread but detached 
way naturally evolved the idea of combination. Messrs. C. R. 
McCulloiigh and Sanford Evans were the first to make an effort 
along this line, but they were met by two or three serious difficul- 
ties. What someone has called the genius of the Canadian Clubs 
seemed to lie largely in the direction of perfect independence of 
one another and in complete freedom from the trammels of organ- 
ized lines of thought or action — outside of the one general prin- 
ciple of Canadianism. Another obstacle, lying below the surface, 
was the question of including the organizations in the United 
States. The formation of these latter concerns had been proceed- 
ing for some time and in 1904 they were nearly equal in number 
to those of Canada. 'New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, 
Cleveland, Pittsburg, Rochester, Cincinnati and St. Louis had 
established Canadian Clubs or Societies and many of their mem- 
bers were, very properly, citizens of the Republic with a national 
ideal of a naturally, different character from that of the member- 
ship in Canada. It was a grave problem, to some Canadians, as 
to how far this influence would be beneficial in any combination 
such as was proposed. 

The first and preliminary action was taken in IS!)!), when a 
League of Canadian ('liibs was formed with ITamilton, Toronto 
and Gait as the membershif) and a Provincial Council consisting 
of W. Sanford Evans, Toronto, as President, A. R. Goldio, Gait, 
as Vice-President, and C!. R. McC'ullongh, of TTntnilfon, as Sec- 
retary-Treasurer. Other (ylubs caiiK! gradually inl<» llic League 
and especially a number of the United States organizations. At 
a Conference held in Niagara Falls during the summer of 190G, 
representatives were present from Hamilton, IMnnlrral, London, 
Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, as well as from Boston, i>uffalo, 
Cincinatti and some other United States points. ^Mr. C. R. Mc- 
Cullough was elected Chairman of the General Council of Cana- 
dian Clubs and Societies, as it was now called, with John Cousins, 


of Cincinatti, as Secretary, H. C. Monk, of Montreal, as Vice- 
Chairman for Canada, and A. T. Minard, of Boston, as Vice- 
Chairman for the United States. Dr. J. D. Wilson, of London, 
was Secretary for Canada, and Gordon F. Matthews, of Buffalo, 
Secretary for the United States. For some unexplained reason 
the Toronto Club took slight interest in the gathering ' and only 
two or three representatives were present out of its membership 
of over a thousand. 

It may be added here that the most active organizations in the 
United States are those of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and 
Pittsburg. Under Dr. Neil McPhatter and the active efforts of 
Mr. W. T. Robson, now of Montreal, the Club in New York did 
good service in promoting international friendship — especially by 
its annual banquets. Amongst them were Sir Charles Tupper, 
Senator J. V. Ellis, the Hon. G. E. Foster, Sir F. Borden, 
C. G. D. Roberts, the Hon. Clifford Sifton, Charles Marcil 
and the Hon. R. Lemieux. Its Presidents included Dr. 
R. H. Upham, 1900 and 1901; H. W. Patterson, 1902 and 
1903 ; J. F. Masters, 1904 and 1905 ; C. H. Mclntyre, 1906 and 
1907. The Canadian Society of Philadelphia was organized in 
1901 with Mr. Thomas Martindale as President during that and 
the four succeeding years. Mr. W. A. Higginbotham was elected 
in 1906 and 1907. Mr. W. T. Rolph was Secretary of the Club 
in 1907 and had been so for six years. In Pittsburg the Presi- 
dent of the Canadian Society for 1907 was Dr. J. Holton Robin- 
son and the Secretary W. M. Thompson. A Canadian Club was 
formed at Houston, Texas, on Feb. 21, 1906, with W. W. Ander- 
son as President and J. S. C. Adamson as Secretary. An interest- 
ing organization was the Canadian Club of Harvard University 
with a large membership composed of British-born students from 
any part of the Empire and with Mr. Varley B. Fullerton, b.a., 
as President in 1907. In the far-away capital of Mexico a Cana- 
dian Commercial Club was formed in 1904 with J. H. McLeod 
as President. He was succeeded by C. T. Ambridge in 1906 and 
by A. R. Dobson in 1907 — with A. D. W. Leach as Secretary. In 
all the American organizations, the primary object was to keep 
alive memories of the Canadian home country and to improve its 
relations with the United States through an extension of knowledge 
there as to Canadian conditions. In London, England, it may be 
added, a Canadian Society was formed some years ago with 400 
members and a Committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Barlow 
Cumberland, who was then living in London. It has since done 
excellent service in keeping Canada before the British public. 
The first of all such organizations in London, or elsewhere indeed, 
was the Canada Club, now nearly a century old. The Hon. Secre- 
tary of its Managing Committee since 1901 has been Mr. J. G. 
Colmer, c.m.g., and the other members of that body in 1907 were 
Messrs. Ion Hamilton Benn, Donald Macmaster, k.c, Frederick 


W. Taylor and Henry T. Walcott. Its membership is 160, of 
whom some 140 live in the United Kingdom, and its object is to 
provide social intercourse amongst Canadians living or visiting in 

One more development of the movement must be mentioned. 
In the earlier organization gatherings (except in Hamilton) and 
practically at all the succeeding meetings of these Clubs through- 
out Canada, women were excluded both from attendance and mem- 
bership. In the autumn of 1907 action was taken to remedy this 
omission. Almost simultaneously, and without concerted action, 
Montreal and Winnipeg organized Women's Canadian Clubs with, 
in each case, a large and representative membership. The in- 
augural luncheon of the Montreal Club was held on Dec. 12th with 
Lady Drummond in the chair ; with an inspiring address from 
Lord Grey, who urged support to the proposed Champlain ter- 
centenary celebration and read a cablegram from the King prom- 
ising a donation of 100 guineas toward that object; and with a 
very numerous attendance. The officers previously elected included 
Lady Drummond as President, Madame Dandurand as Vice- 
President, Mrs. Walton as Hon. Treasurer, and Mrs. R. Wilson 
Reford as Hon. Secretary, In Winnipeg the Club was organized 
largely through the efforts of Mrs. H. J, Parker, and on Dec, 6th 
Mrs. Sanford Evans was elected President and Mrs. W. F. Osborne 
Secretary. The inaugural luncheon was held on Dec. 14th with 
an attendance of over 200 and addresses by the Hon, T. Mayne 
Daly, of Winnipeg, and John Kendrick Bangs, of 'New York. 

Incidents of 1907 in connection with these Clubs, and apart 
from the organization of new ones already dealt with, were many 
and interesting, but only a few can be mentioned here. The 
Ottawa and Toronto organizations refused to hear W. T. Stead, 
when he visited Canada, owing to his attitude during the South 
African war; the Vancouver Club undertook (June 11) to collect 
funds for the erection of a local Memorial to Captain Cook; the 
Calgary Club arranged for the public flying of a flag in that city 
on specified days in the year. During Lord Grey's address to 
the Chib at St. John he expressed warm approval of the position 
and work of these organizations: " The tendency of the addresses 
delivered to Canadian Clubs, in which no references to party 
interests are allowed, will be to lift the people out of the valley in 
which they dwell on to the mountain to|)s whence their gaze will 
extend over a wider horizon than that which is covered by the 
shadow of their parish pump. It is because the tendency of the 
Canadian Clubs is to enrich our life by widening your horizons, 
and by keeping before you high ideals, the well-being of the State 
and the interests, not of a party, but of an Empire in which 
Canada may one day be the controlling influence, that they com- 
mend themselves so entirely to my approval ; and I further believe 
that in any city where a good Canadian Club exists the reign of 



boodle and graft for more than a very short time will be an im- 
possibility." The following list of addresses delivered before the 
Canadian Clubs in 1907, gives a fair idea of the scope and char- 
acter and influence of these organizations and shows how powerful 
the continued growth of this movement may be in moulding the 
public opinions and life of Canada : 

Date. Canadian Club. Speaker. Subject. 

Jan. 7. . Ottawa Jud^e B. B. Lindsay, Denver Juvenile Courts. 

Jan. 18.. London Dr. S. B Leacock Monroe Docrine. 

Jan. 21. . Montreal Hon. A. O. Killam Railway Commission. , j 

Jan. 22.. Ottawa Hon. Elihu Root , International Relations. 

Jan. 22. . Toronto H. Bourassa, m.p National Movement in Quebec. 

Jan. 28. . Toronto F. C. de Sumiohrast Canada and the Empire. 

Feb. 4. . Toronto Saint N. Sing India and the Empire. 

Feb. 12. . Hamilton H. Bourassa, m.p Imperialism. 

Feb. 18.. Orillia. J. S. Willison Problems of To-day. 

Feb. 23. . Montreal President Elliot of Harvard Experiments in Free Government. 

Feb. 24.. Ottawa do do International Armamei.ts. 

Feb. 27 . . Victoria Chief Justice Hunter Canada and the Empire. 

Mar. 5.. St. John Dr. G. R. I'arkin. c.M.o Empire Unity. 

Mar. 9. . Ottawa F. E. Hodgins, k.c Imperial Defence. 

Mar. 14 . . Toronto General Booth Work of the Salvation Army. 

Mar. 15 . . Victoria J. S. Dennis Future of the Canadian West. 

Mar. 20. . Ottawa General Booth Salvation Army Work. 

Mar. 21 . . Halilax J. S. Willison Forty Years of Confederation. 

Mar. 25. . Toronto Principal W. Peterson, c.m.g Education and Business. 

Mar. 25 . . Montreal J. S. Willison An Ontario View of Quebec. 

Mar. 25 . . Winnipeg General Booth Salvation Army Work. 

Apr. 1 . . Ottawa Rt. Hon. James Bryce Canada and the Empire. 

Apr. 3. . Toronto Rt. Hon. James • ryce Poliiical Ideals. 

Apr. 3.. Victoria Commissioner Coombs Salvation Army Immigration. 

Apr. 10. . Halifax H. Cockshutt Industrial Life in Canada. 

Apr. 11.. Calgary Hon. W. H. Cushing, M.P.P Public Ownership 

Apr. 22. . Toronto G. T. Blackstock, k.c Tendencies of the Day. 

Apr. 22.. Montreal Dr. Alfred Thompson, M.P.P The Yukon. 

Apr. 26. . Halifax Dr. S. B. Leicook Imperial Unity. 

Apr. 27 . . St. John Dr. S. B. Leacock The Imperial Movement. 

Apr. 29.. Toronto J. S. Willison Civil Service Reform. 

May 9 . . Montrpal W. T. Stead Canada and the Empire. 

May 13 . . Victoria Sir Wm. Mu ock, k.o.m.g Progress of Canada. 

Mav 15 . . Winnipeg J. S. Evvart, k.c Responsible Government. 

May 16. . Halifax Mr. Justice Russell Canadian Public Opinion. 

May 20.. Edmonton . .. Hon. F. Oliver Immigration atid Development. 

Mav 22.. Calgary Principal J. H. Riddell Origin of Covernnient. 

May 22.. Winnipeg Sir Wm. M'jlock k.c.m.q Labour Conditions. 

May 28. . Halifax Rev. J. A. Macdon Id Public Opinion and Public Men. 

June 3 . . St. John Rev. Dr. C. W Connor Canadian Ideals and Policy. 

Julv 15. . Vancouver Hon. Oscar S Strauss International Relations. 

JulV 18.. Halifax Rev. Dr. R. A. Falconer Maritime Provinces of Canada. 

July 28.. Toronto . . . . J. Keir Hardie, m.p Socialism in Great Britain. 

July 30.. St. J hn Dr. R. A. Falconer Canadian Ideals. 

Aug. 8. . H ilifax H.E. Earl Gray Imperial Unity. 

Aug. 14 . . St. John H.E. Earl Grey Canada and the Empire. 

Aug. 14. . Winnipes; A. J. Dawson Imperialism. 

Auz. 23. . Halifax Rev. Dr. T. J. Shahan Discipline and Opportunity. 

Aug. 27 . . Vancou- er ... Dr. H. M. Tory University Education. 

Aug. 29.. Winnipeg Sir John Murray, R.c.B Deep-Sea Mysteries. 

Sept. 8. . Halifax Hon. George P. Graham Canada's Position. 

Sept.lO Winn peg Hxmar Greenwood, m.p Imperial Responsibilities. 

Sept. 24.. Vancouver . . . R. L. Bordfn, m.p Canadian Problems. 

Sept.25 Victoria R. L. Borden, m.p Canadian P oblems. 

Oct. 2.. Winnipeg ... Rudyard Kipling The Spirit of Canadian Manhood. 

Oct. 7.. Edmonton ... Hon. G. A. Cox Western Conditions. 

Oct. 7.. Vancouver ... Rudva d Kipling Immigratio ■. 

Oct. 8. . ^'ictorla Rudvard Kipling Immigration. 

Oct. 19. . Montreal Donald MacMaster, k.c National Housekeeping. 

Oct. 24 . Winnipeg .... Cy. Wamian The Last West. 

Oct. 25 . . Halifax Rev. Principal Magill Modern Democracy. 

Oct. 29. . Woo s ock . . J. S. Willison Social and Political Te denoiee. 

Nov. 4.. Montreal .... J. Allan Baker, m.p Commercial Conditions. 

Nov. 12.. St. John Hon. L. J. Tweed ie Forest Protection. 

Nov. 16. . Ottawa Rev. Dr. R. A. Falconer National Outlooks. 

Nov. 18. . Port Arthur. . Hon. Adam Beck. M P.P Niagara Power Conditions. 

Nov. 24. . Montreal Commander Benito Sylvian, a.d.c, 

Abyssin a Relations of White and Black Races, 

Dec. 10. . Montreal .... Bishop of SHl'o Blacks^d Bay Steamship Pr ject. 

Dec. 20. . Port Arthur. . Hon. A. G. MacKav. K.C, M.P.P Ontario Conditions. 

Dec. 28 . . Ottawa Sir Charles Fitzpatrick Canadian Ideals. 



Name. Address. 

A. W. Anglin Toronto. 

J. Akers Toronto. 

W. H. Bennett ...Midland. 
G. W. Bruce Collingwood. 

E. Bayly Toronto. 

J. W. Bain Toronto. 

J. Baird Toronto. 

W. A. J. Bell Alliston. 

G. Bell Toronto. 

W. Bell Hamilton. 

W. P. Bull Toronto. 

F. R. Blewett . . . .Listowel. 

A. C. Boyce Sault Ste. Marie. 

E. J. Bristol Toronto. 

E. B. Brown Toronto. 

S. H. Bradford ...Toronto. 

R. H. Bowes Toronto. 

R. L. Borden Ottawa. 

A. G. Browning ..North Bay. 
J. M. Balderson. .Perth. 

S. D. Biggar Hamilton. 

A. E. H. Creswicke.Barrie. 
W. B. Carroll . . . .Gananoque. 
.1. W. S. Corley . . .Toronto. 
T. W. Crothers ...St. Thomas. 

J. Christie Ottawa. 

W. C. Chi-sholm ..Toronto. 
E. Coatsworth ...Toronto. 

R. G. Code Ottawa. 

A. Cassels Toronto. 

R. M. Uennistoun. Peterborough. 

J. J. Drew Guelph. 

H. L. Drayton . . . .Toronto. 

W. Davidson Toronto. 

P. H. Drayton . . . .Toronto. 

W. A. H. Duff Hamilton. 

J. K. Dowsley .... Prescott. 
E. E. A. DuVernet.Toi'onto. 
N. V. Davidson ...Toronto. 
E. L. Dickinson . .Goderich. 

G. Delahaye Pembroke. 

H. T. W. Ellis Windsor. 

E. T. Essery London. 

J. W. Elliott Milton. 

A. W. Francis ....Toronto. 
0. E. Fleming . . . .Windsor. 
A. E. Fripp Ottawa. 

F. M. Field Cobourg. 

G. H. Ferguson . . .Kemptville. 
J. S. Fraser Wallaceburg. 

Name. Address. 

M. D. Fraser London. 

W. N. Ferguson . .Toronto. 

J. G. Gauld Hamilton. 

G. W. Grote Toronto. 

K. Goodman Parkhill. 

G. R. Geary Toronto. 

T. P. Gait Toronto. 

N. B. Gash Toronto. 

H. C. Gwyn Dundas. 

H. D. Gamble Toronto. 

J. W. Hanna Windsor. 

Hon. W. J. Hanna. Sarnia. 
G. F. Harman Toronto. 

E. J. Hearn Toronto. 

F. W. Harcourt . . .Toronto. 

W. H. Hearst Sault Ste. Marie. 

L. M. Hayes Peterborough. 

G. H. Hopkins . . . .Lindsay. 

D. Holmes Wingham. 

W. R. Hickey Bothwell. 

G. F. Henderson ..Ottawa. 
T. C. W. Haslett.. Hamilton. 

F. Holmested Seaforth. 

J. H. IngersoU St. Catharines. 

H. P. Innes Simcoe. 

M. B. Jackson . . .Toronto. 

J. C. Judd London. 

S. A. Jones Haileybury. 

B. F. Justin Brampton. 

G. Kappele Toronto. 

G. E. Kidd Ottawa. 

G. H. Kilmer Toronto. 

G. L. Kerr Hamilton. 

H. T. Kelly Toronto. 

F. H. Keeler Port Artliur. 

W. E. Kelly Simcoe. 

E. A. Lancaster ..St. Catharines. 
A. F. Lobb Toronto. 

R. R. Loscombe . . .Bowmanville. 

I. B. Lucas Mark dale. 

H. I. Lonnox Barrie. 

J. T. Ivcwis Ottawa. 

W. Lees Hamilton. 

C. L. Lewis Chatham. 

T. H. Lennox Aurora. 

A. H. F. Lefroy. . .Toronto. 

W. C. Mlkel Belleville. 

H. B. Morphy ....Listowel. 

A. A. Mahaffy . . . . Bracebrldge. 
C. A. Masten Toronto. 





Name. Address. 

C. Millar Toronto. 

D. R. C. Martin . . .Hamilton. 
Hon.A. J.Matheson.Perth. 

A. B. Morine Toronto. 

W. Mills Ridgetown. 

W. E. Middleton. .Toronto. 
J. H. Moss Toronto. 

E. Meek Toronto. 

R. B. Matheson . . .Ottawa. 

F. D. Moore Lindsay. 

T. W. McGarry Renfrew. 

C. R. McKeown . . .Orangeville. 
W. J. McWhinney. Toronto. 

R. R. McKessock. .Gore Bay. 

J. L. Murphy Windsor. 

J. A. Macdonald . .Toronto. 
A. MacMurchy ...Toronto. 

D. L. McCarthy . . . Toronto. 

J. M. McNamara . .North Bay. 

D. M. Mclntyre. . .Kingston. 
W. D. McPherson. Toronto. 
J. H. McGhie Toronto. 

M. McPadden Sault Ste. Marie. 

C. S. Mclnnes Toronto. 

A. M. Macdonell. .Toronto. 
A. C. Macdonell. . .Toronto. 

W. H. Moore Peterborough. 

W. F. Nickle Kingston. 

R. S. Neville Toronto. 

J. B. O'Brian Toronto. 

J. O'Meara Ottawa. 

M. J. O'Reilly Hamilton. 

M. J. O'Connor Cobalt. 

E. W. J. Owens ... Toronto. 

J. F. Orde Ottawa. 

W. N. Ponton Belleville. 

R. A. Pringle Cornwall. 

E. G. Porter Belleville. 

F. F. Pardee Sarnia. 

F. R. Powell Parry Sound. 

W. L. Payne Colborne. 

J. M. Pike Chatham. 

H. H. Robertson. . .Hamilton. 
R. Ruddy Millbrook. 

D. Robertson Walkerton. 

Name. Address. 

G. F. Ruttan Napanee. 

W. M. Reade Waterloo. 

W. E. Raney Toronto. 

J. M. Rogers Perth. 

W. Read Toronto. 

L. C. Raymond. . .Welland. 

E. B. Ryckman. . .Toronto. 

H. E. Rose Toronto. 

J. E. Robertson. .Toronto. 

W. L. Ross Hamilton. 

J. W. Sharpe Dresden. 

T. A. Snider Cayuga. 

D. W. Saunders. .Toronto. 

J. T. Small Toronto. 

J. R. L. Starr Toronto. 

H. A. Stewart. .. .Brockville. 
J. H. Scott Walkerton. 

D. T. Symons Toronto. 

F. Smoke Paris. 

R. V. Sinclair ....Ottawa. 

R. A. Smith Cornwall. 

A. J. R. Snow Toronto. 

W. R. Smyth Toronto. 

W. E. Tisdale Simcoe. 

J. P. Thomas Belleville. 

A. B. Thompson . . Penetanguishene. 
J. Tytler Toronto. 

F. H. Thompson. .Mitchell. 
J. T. C. Thompson.Ottawa. 
W. G. Thurston. . .Toronto. 

G. M. Vance Shelburne. 

S. White Windsor. 

J. B. Walkem Kingston. 

T. Wells Ingersoll. 

T. E. Williams Thessalon. 

M. Walsh Ingersoll. 

P. White Pembroke. 

H. A. Ward Port Hope. 

J. G. Wallace Woodstock. 

E. S. Wigle Windsor. 

S. B. Woods Edmonton. 

A. E. Watts Brantford. 

A. R. Warden .... Dundas. 

J. McG. Young Toronto. 


Name. Address. 

H. Mclnnis Halifax. 

C. H. Cahan Halifax. 

W. A. Henry Halifax. 

J. A. Chisholm Halifax. 

F. H. Bell Halifax. 

A. G. Morrison Halifax. 

A. A. McKay Halifax. 

J. J. Pov/er Halifax. 

J. T. Ross Halifax. 

T. S. Rogers Amherst. 

Hon. C. P. Chisholm. Antigonish. 
W. Crowe Sydney. 

Name. Address. 

D. A. Hearn Syndey. 

B. Archibald North Sydney. 

D. McNeil Inverness. 

J. L. Jennison New Glasgow. 

H. H. Wickwire Kentville. 

Hon. J. M. Mack .... Liverpool. 
V. J. Paton Bridgewater. 

E. H. Armstrong . . . .Yarmouth. 
H. McKenzie Truro. 

S. D. McLellan Truro. 

J. U. Ross Pictou. 

H. A. Lovett Pictou. 

Some Appointmeis^ts and Elections in 1907 



Name. Address. 

Letourneau ....Montreal. 
D. Lighthall. . .Montreal. 

Lussier Montreal. 

W. Macdougall . Montreal. 

Mackay Montreal. 

H. Markey .... Montreal. 

Pelletier Montreal. 

Renaud Montreal. 

A. Rivet Montreal. 

C. Robertson. . .Montreal. 
A. Robillard. . . .Montreal. 

S. Roy Montreal. 

A. St. Julien. . . .Montreal. 

A. Wilson Montreal. 

A. Alain Chicoutimi. 

0. Beaubien. . . .Quebec. 

Corriveau Quebec. 

. H. Davidson. .Quebec. 

d'Auteuil Malbaie. 

A. Lane Quebec. 

P. Pelletier. .. .Quebec. 

Robertson Quebec. 

A. Rochette . . . .Quebec. 

Beaulne Coaticook. 

W. Gate Sherbrooke. 

R. Fraser Sherbrooke. 

M. Hovey Rock Island. 

P. Guillot Trois Rivieres. 




B. Devlin 





. Montreal. 



M. Beauparlant 

.St. Hyacinthe. 




. Montreal. 



J. A. Brossard. 




A. Bruneau . . . 




G. B. Claxton. 




Z. Cordeau . . . 




Crankshaw . . . 




G. A. Cresse . . 








L. Decarie .... 








H. R. Delfausse 




Desrosiers . . . 




0. Drouin 




A. C. Ethier... 








Falconer .... 

. Montreal. 



M. Ferguson . . 




Geoffrion . . . . 




E. Harvey . . . . 




T. Heneker . . . 




W. Hibbard . . 



K. Laflamme. . 




A. Lamarche. . 




U. Laurendeau 




0. La valine. . . 




A. Lefebvre. . . 




Belleville C. N. Sulman. 

Brantford 7. W. Bowiby. 

Chatham W. Stone. 

Guelph J. Newstead. 

Hamilton P. J. Stewart. 

Kingston J. McD. Mowat. 

London I. C. Judd. 

Niagara Falls. R. P. Slater. 

Ottawa D'Arcy Scott. 

Peterboro' R. F. McWilliams. 

Stratford W. Gordon. 

St. Thomas ..C. Lawrence. 
St. Catharines. A. Riddell. 

Woodstock lohn Butlor. 

Windsor R. S. Wigle. 

Allison W. G. Flshnr. 

Arn prior W. Howe. 

Almonte Dr. A. A. Metclafe. 

Amher.stburg. .T. A. Hough. 

Aurora H. W. Henry. 

Aylmer E. E. C. Kilmer. 

Barrle I. H. Bennett. 

Blenheim T. B. ShlUlngton. 

Bowmanville . .T. H. Spry. 
Bracebrldge. . .S. H. Armstrong. 

Brampton W. E. Miller. 

Brock ville .1. H. Fulford. 

Chesley C. King. 

Campbellford W. J. Doxsee. 

Clinton H. Wiltse. 

Cobourg C. A. Munson. 

Collingwood D. Wilson. 

Dresden E. H. Dever. 

Deseronto Dr. J. Newton. 

Durham W. Calder. 

Dundas W. H. Moss. 

Dunnville G. R. Smith. 

East Toronto J. McP. Ross. 

Forest J. Bell. 

Fort Francis H. Williams. 

Gananoque Dr. J. McCammon. 

Gait A. Thom|)son. 

Goderich Rev. J. Elliott. 

Gravenhurst F. Slater. 

Huntsville G. E. Fisher. 

Harriston J. McMurchie. 

Hanover W. A. Mearns. 

Hespeler G. D. Forbes. 

Ingersoll Dr. Coleridge. 

Kincardine W. G. Temple. 

Kingsville W. Wigle. 

Leamington N. Patterson. 

Llstowel J. Watson. 

Lindsay Dr. A. E. Vrooman. 

Mattawa G. L. Lamothe. 

Meaford J. W. Horsley. 




Mount Forest C. A. Jones. 

Midland W. Finlayson. 

Mitchell J. Skinner. 

Milton Dr. Anderson. 

Napauee H. Meng. 

Newmarket R. A. Smith. 

Niagara - on - the - 

Lake J- D. W. Randall. 

North Bay W. Milne. 

Oakville John Kelley. 

Orangeville C. R. McKeown. 

Oshawa T. E. Kaiser. 

Orillia R. Curran. 

Owen Sound M. Kennedy. 

Palmerston D. H. Walsh. 

Parkhill N. McPherson. 

Parry Sound J. A. Johnson. 

Pembroke I. Martin. 

Penetang C. McGibbon. 

Perth H. M. Shaw. 

Petrolea E. Grant. 

Prescott W. H. Stephenson. 

Port Hope W. H. Giddy. 

Preston J. Clare. 

Paris W. W. Patterson. 

Port Arthur G. P. Clavet. 

Powasson J. McArthur. 

Renfrew J. Mackay. 

St. Mary's A. Rennie. 

Sandwich E. Donnelly. 

Sarnia G. A. Proctor. 

Sault Ste. Marie. .J. H. Gimby. 

Seaf orth M. Y. McLean. 

Simcoe H. A. Carter. 

Smith's Falls J. B. Lyle. 

Stayner H. Bell. 

Strathroy K. W. Cameron. 

Shelburne E. C. Campbell. 

Southampton A. E. Belcher. 

Sturgeon Falls... N. McArthur. 
Toronto Junction. Henry Balrd. 

Thornbury N. Snetsinger. 

Thorold D. Miller. 

Tillsonburg. . . 

Trenton , 

Uxbridge , 

Walkerton . . . 

.R. H. Jackson. 
, .W. S. Jacques. 
. . M. P. Crosby. 

.A. M. Cheney. 
. .R. E. Truax. 

Wingham W. Holmes. 

Whitby A. W. Jackson. 

Walkerville E. C. Russell. 

Wiarton W. McEwan. 

Welland J. H. Crow. 

Waterloo E. F. Seagram. 



. .H. 

A. Ekers. 


.J. G. Garneau. 

Fraserville .... 


•. P. Picard. 


.W. Galbraith. 



A. Robb. 

St. Louis 

.C. Gelinas. 

Windsor Mills.. 


J. Campbell. 


.J. P. Tobin. 



E. Cornell, k.c. 


.R. H. Wright. 





.W. H. Kelly. 

St. Laurent 




.M. F. Ouimet. 




Three Rivers . . 

.F.S.Tourigny, K.c 

Shawinigan Falls.B. 



.W. Farwell. 



H. Letourneau. 

St. Jerome 

.B. Nantel. 





.N. Garceau, k.c. 



Bernier, k.c. 

St. Hyacinthe.. . 

.E. St. Jacques. 

St. Eustache.. . 




.G. Pepsin. 

St. Valier 



St. Raphael 

.N. Marin. 



A. Lareau. 

Ste. Gertrude.. . 

.P. Genest. 

Frelighsburg.. . 


E. Spencer. 


.J. A. McBain. 





.A. Hunter. 



R. Whitman. 

Sweetsburg. . . . 

.F. X. A. Giroux. 



S. Robinson. 


.E. L. Watson. 





.C. H. Edwards. 


Medicine Hat W. Cousins. 

Edmonton W. A. Grierbach. 

Strathcona N. D. Mills. 

Wetaskiwan D. McEachren. 

Calgary A. L. Cameron. 

Lethbridge Dr. Galbraith. 

Fort Saskatchewan. G. H. Mc Avery. 

Macleod D. J. Grier. 

Red Deer H. H. Gaetz. 

Leduc C. W. Gaetz. 

Cardston J. H. Hammer. 

Claresholm W. Moffatt. 

Didsbury G. B. Sexsmith. 

Daysland E. W. Day. 

Okotoks W. Fisher. 

Lacombe D. C. Gourley. 

Stettler N. B. McGilli- 


Pincher Creek J. Scott. 

Olds S. J. Craig. 

Some Appointments and Elections in 1907 



Winnipeg J. 

Gladstone R. 

St. Boniface T. 

Grandview J. 

Carman T. 

Melita T. 

Elkhorn W 

Morris J. 

Cartnery J. 

Emerson R. 

Pilot Mount J. 

Deloraine J. 

Souris J. 

H. Ashdown. 

G. Galloway. 
F. Orr. 

D. Sturgeon. 
, Gushing. 
M. Phillips. 
M. Eaton. 

B. Baird. 
A. Mather. 

Brandon S. E. Clement. 

Selkirk J. W. Simpson. 

Boissevain J. T. Elliott. 

Gretna C. Wahn. 

Killarney J. M. Baldwin. 

Morden S. Scott. 

Stonewall W. Montgomery. 

Hamiota W. Chambers. 

Minnedosa A. H. Sparling. 

Portage la Prairie. .Edward Brown. 

Neepawa J. H. Howden. 

Rapid City T. J. Butchart. 

Hartney W. H. B. Hill. 


Regina J 

Prince Albert. . . .R. 

Battleford J. 

Davidson F. 

Moose Jaw J. 

Saskatoon J. 

Swift Current W 

Indian Head T. 

Lumsden A. 

Carnduff A. 

Oxbow R. 

Rosthern T. 

Wapella J. 

W. Smith. 
S. Cook. 
A. Gregory. 
W. Sheppard. 
H. Bunnell. 
R. Wilson. 

E. Donnelly. 
R. Tripp. 






Melfort , 

South Qu'Appelle 
Yellow Grass . . . . 




Lloydminster . . . , 

W. D. Dunlop. 
Oliver Neff. 
C. A. Meilicka. 
R. S. Park. 
H. Yardley. 
I. A. Mousees. 
B. Harvey. 
A. S. Baker. 
A. R. Colquhoun. 
W. H. Wilson. 
R. H. Scott. 
H. B. Hall. 


Halifax R. T. Macllreith. 

Amherst T. P. Lowther. 

Antigonish Prof. A. G. Mac- 


Bridgewater Dr. D. Stewart. 

Dartmouth E. F. Williams. 

Dominion P. J. Mitchell. 

Hantsport D. F. Faulkner. 

Liverpool A. W. Hendry. 

Louisburg W. W. Lewis. 

Oxford Alexander Ross. 

Plctou I. S. Grant. 

Port Hood D. F. MacLean. 

St. Stephen A. 1. Teed. 

Stellarton I. Mahoney. 

Sydney F. C. Kimber. 

Truro W. M. Murray. 



Bridgetown , 



Glace Bay , 



New Glasgow . . . 


Port Hawkesbury 



Sydney Mines.. . 




.A. F. Armstrong. 
.J. M. Owen. 
.W. W. Hoyt. 
.E. C. Whitman. 
.W. W. Hayden. 
• D. M. Burchell. 
.W. E. Roscoe.K.o. 
.A. R. Morash. 
.G. MacDougall. 
.Dr. F. A. Rand. 
.A. Strong. 
.A. B. Wilson. 
.A. Dickie. 
.A. Stewart. 
.R. H. MacKay. 
.W. M. Black. 
.S. C. Hood. 


St. John, N.B 

Fredericton, N.B. 
St. Stephen, N.B. 
Word lock. N.B. 
Moncton, N.B. . . . 

.Edward Sears. 
.H. F. McLeod. 
.A. I. Teed. 
.D. Muiiro. 
.Dr. T.J. White. 

Charlottetown, P.E.I. .James Paton. 

Vancouvpr, B.C A. Bethune. 

Kaslo, B.C C. W. McAnn. 

Victoria. B.C A. J. Morley. 

New Westminster, B.C.. W. II. Keary. 





Board of Trade. 










Walkerville.. . 



Southampton . 
Kingsville. . . . 


St. Catharines 

Port Hope 

St. Thomas... 




.R. C. Steele. 

.J. W. Woods. 

.R. A. Robertson. 

.S. Stevely. 

.J. C. Keleher. 

.J. Mooney. 

.J. A. Buchanan. 

.R. J. Graham. 

.A. J. Hewson. 

.S. A. Griggs. 

.J. A. Stewart. 

.R. Kylie. 

. Dr. H. S. Northmore. 

, B. A. Belyea. 

.G. Williamson. 

W. W. Porte. 

.J. C. Notman. 

.H. T. Bush. 

.R. M. Anderson. 

.F. W. Drake. 

.Dr. W. Adams. 

Board of Trade 

Port Dover. . . 




Brookdale .... 
Fort William., 
Sunderland.. . 
Port Arthur. . 



Niagara Falls . 
Peterborough . 

Port Elgin 


Collingwood . . 
Carleton Place 


Leamington.. . 




.W. K. Gordon. 

.R. Gray. 

.J. F. Smyth. 

.W. Meighen. 

.D. McNaughton. 

.C. H. Jackson. 

.J. B. Furniss. 

.J. A. Little. 

.H. J. Sims. 

.H. J. Hollinrake. 

.0. D. Glasgow. 

.Dr. M. A. Morrison. 

.H. H. Stevens. 

.F. S. Jarvis. 

.P. Paton. 

.J. A. Bangs. 

.E. Morris. 

.S. G. Morse. 

.W. F. Minnes. 

• J. H. Gilmour. 




Kentville.. . . 


Dartmouth. . 

.A. M. Bell. 
.J. A. Gillies. 
.W. Yould. 
.H. A. Patton. 
.A. C. Pyke. 

King's County. J. A. Kinsman. 

Westville J. E. Hales. 

Weymouth Rev. J. J. Sullivan. 

North Sydney. . Hon. J. N. Armstrong. 
Annapolis J. M. Owen. 


Calgary I. S. G. Van Wart. 

Lethbridge. . .C. F. P.Conybeare.K.c. 
Medicine Hat. C. S. Pingle. 

Crossfield Dr. G. A. Bishop. 

Didsbury W. H. Smith. 

Stettler E. H. Matthias. 

Camrose F. Adam. 

Olds 0. S. Moore. 

Macleod E. Doberer. 

Okotoks .... 
Red Deer . . 


Strathcona. , 
Lacombe. . . , 


Hardisty. . . , 
Wetaskiwin , 
Edmonton.. , 

.G. Paterson. 
.W. L. Ouimette. 
.C. E. Jamieson. 
.G. W. Marriott. 
.E. W. McMullen. 
.W. H. Harrison. 
.L. A. S. Dack. 
.J. H. D. Benson. 
.A. T. Gushing. 


Regina P. 

Moose Jaw W 

Prince Albert.. .J. 

Saskatoon J. 

Strassburg E. 

Indian Head A. 

Melfort E. 

Battleford B. 

Warman J. 

Francis W. 

Dundurn H. 

Grenfell J. 

Oxbow J. 

Areola A. 

Osage J. 

Balgonie J. 

. Saunders. 
E. Bradshaw. 


D. Stedman. 

M. Eraser. 

R. Jarvis. 


. G. Robinson. 


D. Murphy. 

E. Kilty. 
K. Wilson. 






Fort Qu'Appelle 


Macoun , 

Swift Current . . 






Milestone , 

.J. M. Hackney. 
A. D. Ferguson. 
.F. Heidgerken. 
R. A. Halliday. 
J. M. Gibson. 

F. S. Proctor. 
E. L. Elwood. 
M. J. Breen. 

W. W. Edmanson, 

G. M. Bowman. 
S. J. Scovill. 

J. J. Fallis. 
W. McKenzie. 
W. G. Upham. 
R. S. Anderson. 

Some Appointments and Elections in 1907 



Board of Trade. Presidents. 

-TTi • fG. F. Carruthers. 

Winnipeg..! J ^ p^^^^^ 

Brandon K. Campbell. 

Killarney....J. W. Smaill. 
Cartwright.. .R. F. Moore. 

Roland A. F. Higgins. 

Waskada W. H. Stobin. 

Hartney R. Shore. 

Dauphin R. Lilly. 

Carman J. W. Jamieson. 

Treherne J. K. Robson. 

Board of Trade. 

Milestone R. 

Souris A. 

Brookdale . . . D. 
Shoal Lake. .J. 
Swan Lake. .N. 

Belmont J. 

Holland J. 

Napinka A. 

Tisdale F. 

Elkhorn R. 


S. Anderson. 
J. Stewart. 
J. Castell. 
F. Holland. 
H. Brotherhood. 




Atlin District.. 


, . .F. A. Pauline. 
..W. J. McMillan. 
. .A. T. Garland. 
. .W. E. Fisher. 
. .A. S. Goodeve. 

New Westminster. D. S. Curtis. 

Phoenix C. D. Hunter. 

Penticton J. R. Mitchell. 

Nelson F. Starkey. 


Montreal, P.Q G. Caverhill. 

St. John, N.B J. H. McRobbie. 

Moncton, N.B J. T. Hawke. 

Woodstock, N.B J. T. A. Dibblee. 

Fredericton, N.B. ..J. J. Weddall. 

Chatham, N.B W. B. Snowball. 

West Prince, P.E.I . . A. J. McFadyen. 
Charlottetown.P.B.I.W. F. Tidmarsh. 
Southern K i n g's 
(Montague), P.E.I. G. S. Osman. 



Toronto Rev. 

London Rev. 

Hamilton Rev. 

Bay of Quinte Rev. 

Montreal Rev. 

British Columl)ia Rev. 

Nova Scotia Rev. 

Dew BruiiHwick Rev. 

Newfoundland Rev. 

Manitoba Rev. 

Saskatchewan Rev. 

Alberta Rev. 

Name. Audkess. 

J. C. Speer, D.D Brampton. 

W. J. Ford, LL.B Simco.-. 

A. L Gee Brantford. 

ichard Duke Ne« burgh. 

Francis G. Lett Pen. broke. 

A. M. Sanford Vancouver. 

W. H. Hoartz, D. D , Yarmouth, North. 

James Crisp St. Julin. 

S. Snowden Bay Roberts. 

W. Bridgemnn Neppavva. 

R. A. Scarlett Souris. 

Jolm If Kiddi-ll, D.I) Edmonton. 





General Assembly Kev. Dr. l<ol)ert Campbell Montreal. 

Maritime Province Rov. A. 14. Dickie 

Montreal and Ottawa Rev. D. Keilock, Ph. I) Kinnear's Mills 

Toronto and Kingston Rev. P. M. Duncan Colbornf, Ont. 

Hamilton and London Rev. W. M. Martin Exeter, Ont. 

Manitoba Kev. T. K. Scott Oxbow, Sask. 

Alberta liev. J. C. Hirdman, D. D C Igary. 

British Columbia Rev. D. McRae Victoria. 



TEMPLAR, 1907. 

Province. Name. Address. 

British Columbia. Rev. John P. Hicks Victoria. 

Manitoba and North- West. . . . J. F. Silvester Winnipeg. 

Ontario John Eagleson Ottawa. 

Quebec W. H. Lambly Inverness. 

New Brunswick J. Vernon Jackson Moncton. 

Nova Scotia Dr. J. B. Blaci, m. p Amherst. 

Prince Edward Island A. D. Fraser Charlottetown. 


Province. Name. Address. 

Ontario Bruce Dunlop Petrolea, Ont. 

Quebec B. T. Campbell Montreal, P.Q. 

Maritime Provinces J. A. Tingley Moncton. 

Manitoba Robert Ha ;kley Edmonton, Alta. 

British Columbia Jeffrey Hammar Grand Forks. 


FOR 1907. 

Province. Name. Address. 

British Columbia T. Bowser Vancouver. 

Saskatchewan H. H. Campkin Indian Head. 

Manitoba James Scroggie Winnipeg. 

Ontario A. T. Freed Hamilton. 

Quebec George 0. Stanton Montreal. 

Prince Edward Island W. K. Rogers Charlottetown. 

New Brunswick Col. J. D. Chipman St. Stephen. 

Nova Scotia C. R. Smith, K.c Amherst. 


Grand Divisions. Grand Worthy Patriarchs. Address. 

Ontario F. C. Ward Toronto. 

Ontario.. Rev. A. P. Bruce Richmond Hill. 

New Brunswick Rev. C. Flemington Point de Bute. 

Nova Scotia Rev. G. A. Lawson Halifax. 

Nova Scotia John A. Scott St. Croix. 

Prince Edward Island David Small Charlottetown. 


Maritime Provinces W. J. Mahonev S. John, N.B. 

Ontario John A. Chisholm Cornwall. 

Quebec Dr. N. A. Bussault Quebec. 



Provincial Branches. Presidents. 

British Columbia E. B. Morgan. 

Ontario Joseph Gib>on. 

New Brunswick Rev. Dr. J-.seph McLeod. 

Nova Scotia Rev. Selby Jefferson. 

Prince Edward Island A. D. Eraser. 

Quebec S. J. Carter. 

Manitoba '. J.J. Storey. 

Some Appointments and Elections in 1907 19 


Dominion Section of International 

Committee Y.M.C.A C. T. Williams Montreal 

Ontario and Quebec Y.M.C.A. . . .John Penman Paris. 

Canadian ^Vest Y.M.C.A G. '1". Stephens . \^ innipeg. 

Maritime Provinces Y'.M.C.A Capt. J. E. Masters Moncton, N.B. 


President — E. L. Elwood Moosomin. 

Vice-President — Norman MacKenzie, K.c Regina. 

Secretary — C. H. Bell Regina. 

James McKay, k.c Prince Albert. James Balfour Regina, 

Frank Ford, k.c Regina. J. A. M. Patrick Yorkton. 

H. Acheson Saskatoon. W. B. Willougiby Moose Jaw. 

C. E. D. Wood Regina. 


Dominion Council Young Women's Christian Associations of Canada — 

Mrs. Robert Kilgour, President, Toronto. 
Grand Council Royal Templars of Temperance— Ontario— W. J. Armstrong, 

Grand Coucillor, West Toronto. 
New Brunswick Temperance Federation — J. Willnrd Smith, President, St. 


Alberta Temperance and Moral Reform Association — J. D. Blayney, President, 

Canadian Temperance League— J. S. Robertson, Prendent, Toronto. 

Moral and Social Reform Council of Canada— Rev. Dr. A. Carman, Presi- 
dent, Toronto. 

Social and Moral Reform Council of Saskatchewan — Newnham, Presi- 
dent, Prince A.bert. 

Nova Scotia Temperance Alliance — Rev. J. W. Aikens, President, Halifax. 

Sovereign Grand Prior Knights Templar of Canada — Supreme Grand Master, 
A. A. Campbell, London. 

Sons of England Benevolent Society— Supreme President, James Boxall, 

Lindsay, C)nt. 

Sons of Scotland— Grand Chief, Alex. Fraser, Toronto. 

Canadian Benevolent Protective Order of Elks— Supreme Exalted Ruler, 
D. A. V(juiig, Montreal. 

Ontario Christian Endeavour Union— Rev. J. T. Daley, President, Maxville, 


Manitoba Sunday School Association — George S. Dingle, President, Winnipeg. 

Saskatchewan Sunday School Association — A. M. Fraser, President, Indian 

New Brunswick Young Women's Christian Temperance Union — Mrs. Nellie 
.\I. liiay, I'rijMiiictit, ]'' 

Alberta and Saskatchewan Young Women's Christian Temperance Union — 

Mrs. S. J. Cra'g, President, Olds, Susk. 

Dominion Council, Brotherhood of St. Andrew — A. (i. Alexander, President, 
1 larniltiiii. 

Dominion Lord's Day Alliance — Rev. Dr. 'i\ I'.. Kilpatrick, President, Toronto. 

Prince Edward Island Lord's Day Alliance — Rov. George Steel, PrcRident, 

Nova Scotia Lord's Day Alliance -A. M. Bell, President, Halifax. 

Ontario Lord's Day Alliance — Rev. Dr. H. Francis Perry, President, Toronto. 


Baptist Convention of Western Canada- H. E. Sharpe, President, Winnipeg. 

United Baptists' Association of New Brunswick— Rev. J. H. McDonald, 

United Baptist Young People's Association— A. J. Dearness, President, St. 

United Baptist Association— Rev. Dr. W. B. Hutchinson, President, Wolfville, 


Congregational Union of Canada— Rev. W. T. Gunn, President, Toronto. 

Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec— Charles Gushing, Chairman, 

Canadian Fraternal Association — President, E. T. Essery, k.c, London. 

Royal Arcanum— Grand Regent of Ontario, W. H. Baker, Toronto. 

Royal Arcanum— Grand Regent of Quebec, L. G. A. Creese, K.c, Montreal. 

Royal Arcanum— Grand Regent of Maritime Provinces, J. H. McQueen, 
Dorchester, N.B. 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association— President, M. F. Hackett, k.c, Stan- 
stead, P.Q. 

Ancient Order of Foresters— High Chief Ranger, W. Richards, London. 

Catholic Order of Foresters— High Chief Ranger, L. V. McBrady, k.c, Toronto. 

Canadian Order of Foresters— High Chief Ranger, J. A. Stewart, Perth. 

Canadian Order of Odd-Fellows— Grand Master, W. T. Junken, Fenelon Falls. 

Order of Canadian Home Circles— Supreme Leader, William Stark, Toronto. 

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts- George A. Reid, President, Toronto. 

Ontario Society of Artists— F. M. Bell-Smith, President, Toronto. 

Royal Society of Canada— President, Dr. S. E. Dawson, cm.g., Ottawa. 

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada— W. Balfour Musson, President, 

Ontario Historical Society— Barlow Cumberland, President, Toronto. 
Alberta Historical Association— H. B. Round, President, Edmonton. 
New Brunswick Historical Society— Clarence Ward, President, St. John. 
Alberta Natural History Society— Dr. George, President, Red Deer. 
Ontario Library Association — Norman Gurd, President, Sarnia. 

Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society — Rev. Dr. George Bryce, 

President, Winnipeg. 

Natural History Society of New Brunswick— Hon. J. V. Ellis, President, 

St. .John. 

Canadian Press Association— J. T. Clark, President, Toronto. 

Nova Scotia Press Association— J. M. Law.son, President, Yarmouth. 

New Brunswick Press Association— J. L. Stewart, President, Chatham, 

Western Canada Press Association— Ben. A. Huckell, President, Carberry. 

Alberta Press Association— F. E. Simpson, President, Cranbrook. 

Eastern Townships Press Association— V. E. Morrill, President, Sherbrooke. 

New Brunswick Barristers' Society— Dr. A. 0. Eirle, President, St. John. 

Bar Ajsociation of the Province of Quebec— Batonnier, L. E. Panneton, k.c 

Sherbrooke, Quebec. 

Montreal Bar Association— Batonnier, T. E. Meredith, k.c, l.l.d., Manitoba. 
Nova Scotia Barristers' Society— President, W. B. A. Ritchie, k.c, Halifax. 
Quebec City Bar Association— Batonnier, Hon. E. J. Flymn, k.c, Quebec. 
Ontario Bar Society— President, A. H. Clarke, k.c, Toronto. 

Some Appointments and Elections in 1907 21 

College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia— Dr. R. E. Walker, 

Manitoba College of Physicians €f Surgeons— Dr. William Rogers, President, 

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario — Dr. W. Ppankie, President, 
Wolfe Island. 

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Quebec — Dr. E. P. Lachapelle, Presi- 
dent, Montreal. 

Medical Council of Prince Edward Island — Dr. Peter Conroy, President, 

Canadian Medical Association — Dr. F. Montizambert, President, Ottawa. 
Canadian Medical Protective Association— Dr. R. W. Powell, President, 

Saskatchewan Medical Association— Dr. W. A. Thomson, President, Regina. 
Ontario Medical Association— Dr. Ingcrsoll Olmstead, President, Hamilton. 

Maritime Provinces Medical Association — Dr. A. B. Atherton, President, 

New Brunswick Medical Society — Dr. J. M. Deacon, President, Milltown. 

Nova Scotia Medical Association— Dr .T. B. Black, M.P., President, Windsor. 

Association of Medical Officers of Militia of Canada— Dr. G. S. Ryerson, 
President, Toronto. 

Nova Scotia Dental Society— Dr. E. S. Allen, President, Yarmouth. 

British Columbia Dental Association — Dr. J. M. McLaren, President, 

Canadi:\n Pharmaceutical Association — G. E. Gil>bard, President, Toronto. 

Institute of Architects of Canada— A. F. Dunlop, President, Montreal. 
Quebec Association of Architects — R. P. LeMay, President, Quebec. 
Ontario Association of Architects— Edmund Burke, President, Toronto. 
Manitoba Association of Architects— S. Frank Peters, President, Winnipeg. 
Dominion Educational Association — Alex. Robinson, b.a.. President, Victoria. 
Ontario Educational Association —Wm. Scott, B.A., President. 
Manitoba Educational Association— S. E. Lang, m.a., President, Winnipeg. 
Saskatchew:in Teachers' Association —P. E. Grahanie, President, Regina. 
Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers —G. L. Masten, President, 

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers — W. McLea Walbank, President, 

Nova Scotia Society of Engineers -Rod McColl, c.E., President, Halifax. 
Canadian Mining Institute —Fred Kecfer, Prei-idcnt, Greenwood, B.C. 
Nova Scotia Mining Society -A. A. Haywarrl, President, Halifax. 
Dominion Association of Chartered Accountants — A. F. C. Ross, President, 

Institute of Chartered Accountants J. W. Johnson, President, Bolleville. 
Dominion Commercial Travellers Association -E. D. Marccau, Montreal. 
Commercial Travellers Association of Canada— L. A. Howard, President, 

Maritime Commercial Travellers Association -U. E. Pyke, President, 

Western Ontario Commercial Travellers Association— J. T. Green, President. 
North-West Travellers Association .1. K. M<l<r,l,i,>, President, Winnipeg. 
Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Association— Hon. J. W. Longley, 

President, Halifax. 


British Columbia Provincial Exhibition — T. J. Trapp, President, New West- 

Toronto Industrial Exhibition Association — W. K. George, President, Toronto. 

Central Canada Exhibition Association— James White, President, Ottawa. 

Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition Association — G. H. Greig, President, 

Western Fair Association — W. J. Reid, President, London, 

Prince Edward Island Agricultural Association^Hon. L. Haszard, Presi- 
dent, Charlottetown. 

Western Exhibition Association— Alex. Ames, President, Sherbrooke, P.Q. 

Canadian Freight Association — S. P. Howard, President, Montreal. 
Canadian Automobile Club^D. McDonald, President, Montreal. 
Canadian Electrical Association — R. G. Black, President, Montreal. 

British Columbia Timber and Forestry Chamber of Commerce — E. P. 

Bremnor, President, Vancouver. 

Canadian Independent Telephone Association— J. F. Demers, M.D., Presi 
dent, Levis, P.Q. 

Canadian National Association of Builders — J. 0. Dealaurier, President 

Canadian Ticket Agents' Association— W. Mcllroy, President, Peterborough 

Dominion Marine Association— A. A. Wright, President, Toronto. 

Maritime Funeral Directors' Association — G. D. Wright, President, Char 
lottetown, P.E.I. 

Maritime Wholesale Grocers' Association — W. C. Cross, President, St, John 

Montreal Corn Exchange —Joseph Quintal, President, Montreal. 

Montreal Retail Merchants' Association — W. B. Boivin, President, Montreal 

Montreal Produce Merchants' Association— A. A. Ayer, President, Montreal 

Montreal Stock Exchange — Rodolphe Forget, m.p.. President, Montreal, 

Toronto Stock Exchange— A. P. Burritt, President. 

Standard Stock Exchange — George Stevenson, President, Toronto. 

Winnipeg Stock Exchange— A. M, Nanton, President, Winnipeg. 

Ontario Retail Hardware Association— A. W. Humphries, President, Parkhill 

Ontario Retail Hardware Association — W. G. Scott, President, Mount Forest 
Retail Hardware Association of Western Canada — A. J. Falconer, President 

Deloraine, Man. 

British Columbia Retail Hardware Dealers' Association — L. B. Lu.sby, Pres 

ident. New Westminster. 

Retail Merchants Association of Western Canada— W, G. McLaren, Presi 

dent, Souris, Man. 
Toronto Employers' Association— W. T. Roden, President, Toronto. 
Winnipeg Grain Exchange — W. J. Bettingen, President, Winnipeg. 
Winnipeg Real Estate Exchange— Hugo Ross, President, Winnipeg. 

Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club— Commodore, G. H, Duggan, Sydney, N.S, 

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club— Commodore, Guy R. Judd, Hamilton. 

Royal Kennebecassis Yacht Club— Commodore, Robert Thomson, St. John, 

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Club— CoTimodore, R. T. Macllreith, Halifax. 

Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club -Commodore, R. C. Smith, k.c, Montreal, 

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club — Commodore, R. H. Alexander, Vancouver. 

Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto — Commodore, Dr, A. A Macdonald, 

Some Appoii^tmexts and Elections ix 1907 23 

Canadian Amateur Athletic Union — Wm. Stark, President, Toronto. 

Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen — A. C. Macdonell, m.p., President, 

Toronto Rowing Club — P. J. Mulqueen, President, Toronto. 

Canadian Snowshoe Union — Arthur Lamalice, President, Montreal. 

Amateur Federation of Athletics — Wm. Foran, President, Ottawa. 

Inter-Provincial Rugby Union — Geo. Ballard, President, Hamilton. 

National Lacrosse Union — Thos. Carlind, President, Montreal. 

Ontario Motor League — >ioel Marshall, President, Toronto. 

Montreal Lacrosse Club — J. A. E. Whyte, President, Montreal. 

Ontario Hockey Association — Dwight J. Turner, President, Midland. 

Amateur Athletic Federation— Victor Buchanan, President, Montreal. 

Canadian Bowlers' Association— L. A. Archambault, President, Toronto. 

Canadian Lacrosse Association— H. S. Cameron, President, Beaverton. 

Ontario Rugby Football Union— W. J. Slee, President, Toronto. 

St. Jean Baptiste Association— H. Laporte, President, Montreal. 
Ontario Reform Association— H. M. Mow»t, k.c. President. 
Empire Club of Canada -J. F. M. Stewart, b.a.. President, Toronto. 
Victorian Club of Boston— F. C. de Sumichraat, President, Boston. 
National Council of Women of Canada— President, Lady Edgar, Toronto. 
Intercolonial Club, Boston— John. A. Campbell, President, Boston. 
Daughters of the Empire— Mrs. S. Nordheimer, President, Toronto. 
Canadian Suffrage Association— Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen, President, Toronto. 
British Empire League in Canada— President, Colonel G. T. Denison, Toronto. 


Works of J. Castell Hopkins 


The Annual Review Publishing Co., Limited 


Canada : An Encyclopaedia of the Country 

Volume 1. Preface (1900) by H.E. the Earl of Aberdeen, p.c, g.c.m.g., 

Governor-General of Canada. 
Volume II. Preface by the Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, P.O., g.c.m.g., 

D.C.L., Prime Minister of Canada. 
Volume III. Preface by the Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., g.c.m.g., c.b., 

M.P., lately Premier of Canada, and Leader of the Conservative Party. 
Volume IV. Preface by the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Strong, p.c, Chief Justice 

of Canada. 
Volume V. Preface by the Hon. Sir Alexander Lacoste, Chief Justice of Quebec. 
Volume VI. Preface by Sir Gilbert Parker, d.c.l., m.p. 

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The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs 1901 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1902 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1903 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1904 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1905 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1906 
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1907 

Life and Work of Mr. Gladstone 

Preface (1S97) by the Hon. George W. Ross, ll.d.. Prime Minister of Ontario. 
Illustrated. Full cloth, $2.50 ; half Russia leather, |3.50 ; full Russia 
leather, $4.50 

The Sword of Islam, or Annals of Turkish Power 

Preface by the Most Reverend the Archbishop of Toronto. Illustrated. 
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The Story of the Dominion 

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The Progress of Canada in the Nineteenth Century 

Published in Edinburgh by VV. & R. Chambers. Illustrated. Fine English 
cloth, $2.00 ; half leather, $2.50 ; full leather, $3.00. . 


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